Support Frontend Build Process (gulp, webpack, etc. . .) [FEAT - 1275]

I would love to see some sort of frontend build process similar to what Integrated Composer does for the Drupal source code.

Using the Integrated Composer workflow, Pantheon attaches a build artifact for release. Assuming that you already have an existing CI workflow in place to handle the frontend side of things, that’s awesome!

If Pantheon had support for compiling SASS files and minifying JavaScript through something like Gulp – I think it would really push the platform to the next level. Just imagine being able to set up a custom upstream with the code in place to run a gulp build command and the resulting files getting attached to the build artifact!

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Thanks so much for providing such thoughtful feedback! I am actually going to share this directly with our product managers working on our frontend processes :star2:I am also going to submit this to JIRA so PM/ENG can review this in greater detail.

If they would like to learn more, are you open to a conversation? I am also going to tag some PMs on this for visibility! @scott.buscemi @jsulz :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! Would be more than happy to have a discussion!

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Sounds great! I just shared your feedback earlier so I will keep an eye on it & let you know :slight_smile: Thanks again for sharing!

So I have an update on this.

After some experimentation, I was able to get an example of this working on Pantheon using composer and an interesting composer package that installs npm in the composer bin directory.

Would be happy to share or set up some documentation on how it works.

I set up a sandbox site (b619c10d-6f85-4d00-80b4-f7d97dac7100) that demonstrates the behavior.

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I am so glad you found a workaround here! I did go ahead and share this with the team, so I will keep you posted here.

I’m going to close this issue and let’s have more discussion over in